Love on a Bike

Gallery & Shop by Rima Malallah

Love on a Bike is Rima Malallah's shop. Established in Amman, Jordan in 2006, it offers a wide selection of art & handmade products- paintings, pottery, woodwork, glass, custom-made furniture in addition to mural work. Items available for purchase online and at the brick-and-mortar shop in Amman.


"Amman needs more escapes from its sea of white walls and, more importantly, a broadening of its insular gallery scene. As it stands, most art consumers in Amman have little meaningful interaction with artists or art production. But when you push open the blue iron and glass door to love on a bike, Malallah rushes down the spiral staircase from the loft to greet you, show you what's new and answer your questions. . .You can like what you see (or not) and choose to support it with an affordable purchase (or not). Like her mural, the store suggests a world of possibilities, and invites you to step inside." - The National


"I saw love in a swirl of watercolours, riding the tailwinds of an enchanting journey, painted with such an innocent truth that only a child could touch. Although Rima Malallah, the creator of this love in motion, is not in fact a child, she has managed to burrow into the particles of the magical childlike wonder that inconspicuously exist within us; residues of a time when fantasies were unlabelled realities." - Family Flavors


"Looking at the effulgent worlds that Malallah has created within her prints is like looking through a fisheye lens. Her prints come out as wide and hemispherical images filled with interesting details and characters. Malallah's paintings reflect her extensive background in art and at the same time her versatility as an artist." - The Star

feature in brownbook magazine,  click  to read

feature in brownbook magazine, click to read

"I firmly believe Rima Malallah must be a living fairy. Not the kind the perches on tufts of pale pink, but the kind who mesmerizes all who enter her studio as she races up and down her twisty staircase with her pixie fringe and random expletives and armloads of her very cool art." - S.HOPtalk


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