Love on a Bike

Gallery & Shop by Rima Malallah

Love on a Bike is Rima Malallah's shop. Established in Amman, Jordan in 2006, it offers a wide selection of art & handmade products- paintings, pottery, woodwork, glass, custom-made furniture in addition to mural work. Items available for purchase online and at the brick-and-mortar shop in Amman.

Amman Citadel, 2014.

I painted this mural as a part of a project called Art for All. 

Theme: water!

A lot of people volunteered their time and talent to make this happen, below is a short list.

Peter Claesson - Spain 
Zaid Derbi - Jordan 

Volunteers Coordinator
Sara Al Maaitah

Participating Artists (the numbers correspond to those on the map)

David Guinn - USA 
Eduardo Baquerizo - Spain 
3 Eduardo Luque Puertas "Lalone Luque" - Spain 
Eric Okdeh - USA 
Matias Mata Garcia - Spain
6 Rima Malallah (me!)
7 Suhaib Attar - Jordan
Victor Ash - Denmark

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