Love on a Bike

Gallery & Shop by Rima Malallah

Love on a Bike is Rima Malallah's shop. Established in Amman, Jordan in 2006, it offers a wide selection of art & handmade products- paintings, pottery, woodwork, glass, custom-made furniture in addition to mural work. Items available for purchase online and at the brick-and-mortar shop in Amman.

March Opening Hours

As promised the shop will be open this coming weekend, however, I don’t recommend visiting if you’ve been recently.

While tons of things are in the works, none are actually ready for sale. The ceramic reserves were depleted over the Christmas rush and making everything from scratch takes time. And while the rain was lovely for the soul it’s not been good for the clay - causing delays in the drying process.

The photos I posted recently are all of work still very much in progress - they still need to go through two firings before they’re ready for new homes. The pieces shown in the photo on the right (or above? depending on your browser) are of a product I haven’t made in years that I can’t wait to bring back to life! So, good things are happening, at a pace that makes sense for me and for the clay.

Most of you have been incredibly understanding in regards to the new schedule and I wanted to forewarn you so if you do decide to come by this weekend anyway, you aren’t super disappointed with the many empty shelves. New tenants will move in there soon, but not just yet.

So Friday and Saturday (March 8th & 9th and 22nd & 23rd) 1-4 pm, because at the moment my time is best spent in the company of clay.

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