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Love on a Bike is Rima Malallah's shop. Established in Amman, Jordan in 2006, it offers a wide selection of art & handmade products- paintings, pottery, woodwork, glass, custom-made furniture in addition to mural work. Items available for purchase online and at the brick-and-mortar shop in Amman.

When I was four years old I wanted to be an artist Here's some photographic evidence of that day, that's clay! Two decades later I created love on a bike. A little shop in Amman, Jordan, it opened in July 2007 and has been growing ever since. I make things all the time, and sometimes people buy them. I also paint murals every now and then.

Below are the two different ways you can get some love on a bike goodness in your life. Please make sure to read the FAQs in regards to the society6 online store. 

At the Amman shop you have the choice of customizing some items and commissioning a host of others. For details please get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page or send an email to

Faces of (other) toddlers have been redacted to protect their privacy. Sepia tone added to make this look authentically old, which it is, I swear.


23 Thi Qar Street
Wadi Saqra

The shop moved to a new location in 2016. The new place is located in Wadi Saqra. If using googlemaps enter the street name as "Dhi Qar" and if using the map app built into facebook the street is spelled "The Qar".


Make your way down to Arar Street commonly known as Wadi Saqra street. You'll pass on your right The Winemaker, followed by Zara Centre, and finally Cairo Amman Bank. Take the right directly adjacent to Cairo Amman Bank, at the following T intersection take a left. Love on a Bike will be on your right, in building #23.

Due to this being the tiniest incarnation of a small business, run entirely by me and my cat, I kindly ask that when possible please get in touch before visiting. I keep regular hours but every now and then something comes up that requires I leave the shop. I'm also a muralist and usually do 3-6 murals every year and have to close the shop when those jobs come up.


In 2013 I also set up an online shop via society6. They offer an amazing platform for artists and designers (from all over the world) allowing them to see their work produced on a wide variety of different products. They are continuously adding new products, most recently rugs and duvet covers! They handle production, customer service, and shipping. Items purchased online via society6 ship from the USA.

 Love on a Bike on Society6

Love on a Bike on Society6

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